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TalentLinkr’s unique
Talent recommendation technology

Talentlinkr brings you a unique technology to efficiently identify and select the best Talents you are looking for.

Step 1

We write your search brief together.

Step 2

TalentLinkr’s Experts* call upon their contacts to recommend Talents that meet your brief’s specifications.

*TalentLinkr selects Experts with excellent contact networks in either an industry (media, car industry, luxury etc.) or a job position (accounting, sales, marketing etc.).

Step 3

TalentLinkr’s team selects the best Talents among those recommended.

Step 4

Talentlinkr sends you the shortlist of Talents recommended AND verified.


Use our Experts network to help you search and find the best Talents, and benefit from TalentLinkr’s unique benefits !


10 days

From your brief’s validation to the reception of a list of recommended and verified Talents.



Save on the cost of a talent search firm and on the costs and response time of a job ad.



Our Experts are selected on their in-depth knowledge of their industry and the quality of their contact networks.



Our team of recruiting professionals assist you in the process and verifiy all Talents’ profiles before you receive them.

A proven methodology

Thanks to our unique Talent recommendation process established by head-hunting firm TalentSphere, your market’s Experts provide you with their contacts networks to help you find the Talents you are looking for.

8 years of market presence.
300 Talents hired.
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