TalentLinkr gives you access to our network of Experts selected by our recruitment specialists. Experts are seasoned professionnals who have an in-depth knowledge of your industry and whose contact network is extended and reactive. They forward your Talent brief to their selected contacts. In return, many of their contacts recommend Talents that they personnally know and endorse.
We use a range of criteria to select our Experts. Among those criteria, we make sure they have a deep knowledge of your industry and/or of the job profile to be filled. We also consider the size, reliability and engagement of our Experts’ contact networks.
TalentLinkr is different from existing Talent referral services. A talent referral platform will typically try to attract as many referring partners as possible, betting that quantity will eventually bring quality. Then referring partners will be paid if one of their referrals leads to a successful recruitment. This may lead to bounty hunting, with referring partners recommending many contacts in order to maximize their chance of success. At TalentLinkr, we believe that quality is more important than quantity. That's why we strictly select our Experts for the quality of their contact networks.
TalentLinkr’s prices are simple: a start-up fee of 500€ to create and send your search brief to our Expert(s), and a success fee of 15% of the Talent annual salary if the recruitment is successful.
Our long experience has taught us that our Experts’ contacts are very responsive. They immediately answer back to our Experts’ sollicitation and brief, as they see it as a way to give back. That’s why TalentLinkr can commit to response times never seen in the recruitment industry.
Because 39% of employers declare using Talent recommendation to hire their managers. Because a recommended Talent will on average stay longer in the company. Because it’s a quick, qualitative and economical way of sourcing Talents who are not on the job market.

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